KRATOM: Our Story……..


A little over three years ago an old school friend of ours introduced us to what is known as Mitragyna Speciosa – ‘Kratom’.


Whilst talking on the phone about a pain related repetitive strain injury picked up over the years through work and the fact that we was sick of taking 400mg ibuprofen every day and tired of drinking alcohol to feel sociable and feeling rubbish every other Sunday morning he dropped it into the conversation.


Have you ever heard of Kratom my friends? A plant from South East Asia used by the natives for hundreds of years… ‘here we go’ we thought, no enlighten us, I won’t go into detail he said but I’ve popped three different strains in the post to you, don’t burn to much in one go or the aroma will just make you feel tired and want to go to sleep, get it right though and I’m 99.99 % positive you will thank me? Burn? Aroma? We looked at each other and asked “what do you do smoke it then”? Because we gave up nicotine years ago, he laughed at us over the loudspeaker and in a hurried voice said ‘as does everyone these days when you want to know something’ GOOGLE it, and with that the phone had gone dead.


Sure enough a day or two later an envelope arrived containing three samples of a fine green powder and so GOOGLE it we did.


Upon extensive research on the internet ‘ all of 30 mins’ and skim reading the wealth of information, background, location, and history of the plant we stumbled upon a blog called ‘All about Kratom’ which also linked to another self-improvement blog with some awesome information about the plant. Perfect just what we was looking for, don’t get me wrong after our first experiences with this leaf we wanted to know the ins the outs and everything we possibly could about something we had heard so little about yet had been available in this country alone for the last decade, but for now we wanted a relatively quick guide on actual real life experiences with this plant. (Please also check out this link if you have any concerns or queries about Kratom: (David Disalvo results of my Kratom experience) This guy writes articles for forbes magazine but the article is from his own blog and is completely unbiased with many positive comments beneath his article.


Let us tell you this, if you are new to Kratom or simply want to get the most out of this awesome leaf send us an email to sales@kratomorganic.co.uk and we will forward you a link to these guys (whom we discovered randomly) that have it bang on, we could copy and paste and shuffle a few words about and add it to this blog or try in our own words to explain the positive effects this has had on our own life, but there is no need it probably wouldn’t do it justice anyway, everything you need to know is right there, credit where credits due, for us, everything they explain about Kratom has literally summed up and surpassed my experiences and expectations over the last two years of this wonderful plant.

You really must check these guys out if you’re serious about a Kratom ‘lifestyle’ Follow this and you won’t go far wrong.


Needless to say we have never looked back.


This brings us to the reason we are sharing this with you, in our wisdom and love for  all things natural, our passion for business and a great deal of luck, between us we created and recommend to you Kratom Organic UK.


As you are probably aware there are many different websites selling all different types of Kratom with various names from various regions, some good and some bad, at www.kratomorganic.co.uk it is nothing short of Amazing, Fresh Quality Kratom it’s all we do!


We are only a small supplier, we do not supply bulk or wholesale Kratom, this keeps stock fresh and only order what we need to keep things ticking along nicely, we are lucky enough to have found and work alongside one of the major suppliers of good clean fresh quality and untouched Kratom in the UK.


How do we know this? 1. We have a good few years of experience in Kratom between us and have pretty much ordered from most of the “reputable suppliers” abroad and the odd one or two in the UK, generally it is shipped from America but we import straight from the source. 2. Because it’s what we do and something we believe in, something that really has helped us get our life back on track.

Why choose us, why choose Kratom Organic UK?

Well I’m not sure where to start really, only if you’re reading this then I’m guessing you are similar to us and looking for an alternative way of life improvement.


Looking for freedom from mainstream pharmaceutical and man-made synthetic prescribed and addictive chemicals to try and help combat anxiety and depression.


Freedom from alcohol and drugs and the misery they can cause, a general sense of wellbeing, without the horrific side effects and withdrawals that can come with all of the above.

  • A natural form of happiness that for many just can’t find.
  • Irregular sleep patterns.
  • Pain relief.
  • Sexual anxiety.
  • Social anxiety.
  • Stress.
  • Motivation.
  • Focus.
  • Increased energy.


The list really does go on and all of the above is something we have experienced at some point in our life and the sole purpose why we have created Kratom Organic.


This was never about profit for us, the mark up on good quality kratom is so minimal you really have got to shift a tone of the stuff to make a living anyway. No for us this has been more of a hobby, something to get our teeth stuck into, a project, something over the past few years that has remained close to our hearts and something we are passionate about that we wanted to share it with anyone who has even remotely shared the same negative experiences in life that we have, no matter how big or small those experiences may be.


Don’t get us wrong we’re not trying to promote this amazing plant as some form of miracle cure for any of the above in no way, shape or form but we do believe in freedom of speech, everyone is different and everything on this blog is purely for research purposes only and is just us viewing our opinions on something we believe has truly helped us turn many negatives in our lives into real positive ones.

We are just two old school friends who have shared very similar experiences, who have known each other since a young age and stumbled upon something which “for us” has been nothing short of awesome, but more importantly something we can relate entirely to through our own life experiences.



We are not promoting Kratom as some form of legal high like many irresponsible vendors sold along drug paraphernalia such as pills, pipes, bongs and rolling papers etc, we are simply promoting Kratom for what it is ‘in our opinion’, a simple , natural and organic leaf from a natural plant like tea and coffee with many added benefits.


As with anything like this though it’s not without its negatives, we strongly believe that in life with most things good there is usually some bad but with Kratom, a hangover from alcohol in our opinion is far worse than anything we have every experienced from our beloved leaf.

These can include:

  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Dioreah
  • Withdrawal symtons
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Laziness


Again this is where Kratom Organic UK are different from other vendors, between us we have experience from pretty much every other compound you can imagine legal or otherwise and all of the above in our opinion and experience over the past few years are so scuttle or practically non-existent they could almost not be worth mentioning!

Yes if you burn too much in one go you may experience one or all of the above but no different to anything else of this nature and not something we experience any more, our only and main real concern when setting up Kratom Organic was dependency and withdrawal and the number one decider as to wether we went ahead with this project or not, we both agreed, again something we have both experienced and been through at many points in our life, that if either of us experienced any kind of physical or mental dependency or any harsh withdrawal symptoms we would call it a day. Up until this point we both were only occasional burners, and we both to this day still are but for the basis of this trial we burnt on a daily basis for 12 weeks straight rotating 8 different strains as indicated by a post on one of the self-improvement sites we discovered.


Upon completing the 12 weeks we both stopped completely for a further 12 weeks.


After the 24 weeks was up and baring in mind we have been substituting coffee and tea with Kratom on and of for the past few years, we both went and had blood tests at the doctors, both came back a full bill of health and all levels normal, we also agreed the withdrawal we experienced was so mild almost what felt like the beginning of a cold for a day or two and that the dependency for us was no worse than cutting out tea or coffee or chocolate for a few months, admittedly we both missed having Kratom in our lives but was completely understandable and it’s a bit like window shopping where you see something you would really like think oh I really fancy one of those but as soon as you have walked past and thought about something else and the thought or “craving” was gone!


This inevitably brought us to the decision to go ahead and create Kratom Organic UK and you can find us at http://kratomorganic.co.uk.


We hope you like our site and hope Kratom will help you as much as it has helped us!



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